Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): New Patch Note Fixes Loading Screen Issues and More

BGMI july 24 patch note 1
BGMI July 24 Patch Note

Battlegrounds Mobile India finally made a comeback in India on 17 June 2021, with its early access version for beta users. The early access version was introduced in the Play Store only for Android users. In spite of the rising popularity of the game, there were still some issues and bugs faced by the users of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The game was launched officially for Android users on 2nd July. However, some of the issues still pertained even after the game was fresh out of the beta mode. The issues faced by a majority of users were:

  • ‘server connection’ or ‘server busy’ issues
  • “Error code: restricted area”
  • unexpected shutdown
  • problems with the loading screen

However, Krafton aims to solve and overcome all these issues through its latest patch note for BGMI. The new BGMI patch note was sent out to all users on July 24th, at 8:55 p.m. Once the game is restarted, the note is applied. The patch note is said to solve some pertinent bugs and issues, but the major one that it solves is the unexpected shutdown and loading screen issues.

july 24 patch note
July 24 patch note

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Some other major issues that the patch note resolves are:

  •  Getting stuck in loading screen when wearing Unicorn-set outfits
  •  Game getting shut down when accessing the Season(C1S1) menu, with some devices
  •  Not getting shot in some circumstances when riding buggy vehicle in the Mission Ignition mode
  •  Sound from other players’ Tesla vehicle being very low
  • Not able to adjust sensitivity when used the x6, x8 scope with lower magnification
  • Not able to adjust Shoulder Aim button in controls settings
  • Not able to adjust Sprint button in controls settings

Another initiative that Krafton has taken towards getting rid of bugs is asking users to report any bugs as soon as spotted. To report a bug or issue, users have to:

  • Tap on the arrow at the bottom right corner of the lobby
  • Click on Settings
  • Go to Basic
  • Select Customer Service

Krafton has added that they are constantly updating the issues reported after July Update through the Known Issues Notice. You can check it out here. Lastly, they have added that they will work hard to solve the issues as soon as possible.

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