BGMI: How to Share Sensitivity and Layout Settings Using Codes

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Battlegrounds Mobile India

It is very common in BGMI to share the layout and sensitivity settings. Players have struggled to adjust to the game’s mechanics and pace since its release last month. The game has yet to be released on iOS devices, forcing players to switch to Android devices in order to continue practicing for various events such as the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021.

Some users have reported problems while looking for the best layout and sensitivity settings. Players, on the other hand, can share their layout and sensitivity by sharing a code via a simple method.

Sharing the settings with friends and other players will be simple and convenient with this feature. Perfect layout and sensitivity settings are critical for chicken dinners in BGMI to provide the best performance in the game. This article provides players with a step-by-step guide for sharing their layout and sensitivity settings via codes.

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How to Share BGMI Sensitivity Codes

Step 1: To begin, go to ‘Settings’


Step 2: and then to the ‘Sensitivity’ tab.


Step 3: Players must select the ‘Upload to Cloud’ option, which is listed below.


Step 4: After that, they must select “Layout Management.” Players will see a “Share” option that they must select.


Step 5: They will be given a code with the option to “Copy and share.” After clicking that, it must be shared with a friend using one of the options available on the screen.

How to Apply the Sent Code on the Device

After receiving the code from a friend, players must follow the steps below to apply it to their device.

Step 1: They must launch the game and navigate to Sensitivity Settings. When they arrive, they must select “Layout Management.”

Step 2: Players must select “Search Method” and enter the received code.


Step 3: Players can adjust their sensitivity or use the same settings as their friend by clicking “Use Layout” after clicking “Preview.”

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