Best Video Games Based On Anime

Best Video Games Based On Anime

According to the Association of Japanese Animations, 60 member anime production companies now provide products in 112 countries, reaching some 87.2 percent of the world’s population. Total overseas sales in 2008 reached ¥13.3 billion. Sakurai said many Japanese probably are not aware of just how popular anime is overseas. While video games based on anime are extremely common, only a few are truly great. Here are the best titles and their Metacritic scores.

Anime is one of the most common entertainment formats, with its popularity worldwide. Unsurprisingly, video games influenced by this anime style and culture are now so prevalent as they are because of the success of this medium.

Unfortunately, Anime Games have little popularity among players, and most releases are shockingly mediocre, if not outright quality atrocious, focused on these well-known assets. Fortunately, both of these anime games are not badly known. Any titles were also able to achieve high-level receptions for critics and audiences.

Attack On Titan 2

Best Video Games Based On Anime
AOT Game Gameplay

In 2016, fans got an attack on Titan’s location ready for video game adaptation. Surely the game was great…with a few moments inconsistently. Certainly there was space to change.

As Attack On Titan 2, fans were happier to see what was without a doubt a significant change compared to their original. In the sequel, the elements of fighting and action were better along with an opportunity for the players to develop their own personal identity in the story.

Naruto: The Broken Bond

Best Video Games Based On Anime
Naruto: The Broken Bond Gameplay

Naturally, Dragon Ball isn’t the only anime series with a lot of video games. The Ultimate Ninja Storm series may be the most popular gaming series below the anticipation bracket and Naruto still has the honour.

Most people don’t know, though, that Naruto Games had been decent long before the franchise of CyberConnect2. Are the great illustrations of this, Naruto: Rise Of A Ninja and Broken Bond. These titles are probably the most immersive Naruto games ever published as you play games with such role-playing features.

Dragon Ball Z: Xenoverse 2

Best Video Games Based On Anime
Dragon Ball Z: Xenoverse 2 Gameplay

The number of video games released by Dragon Ball is only comprehensive. Sadly, most of them are far from respectable names. Similarly, the Xenoverse series, showing promise with its two names, cannot be told.

The second game of the series is pretty big, with an amazingly good storyline and fun gameplay, but it does have a visible grind to bear for the players to get into that title.

Fate/Stay Night

Best Video Games Based On Anime
Fate/Stay Night gameplay

Fate/Stay Night is a great game on a PC, it’s the basis of most works of the kind Moone and Nasuverse. Originals or realta nuclear depend on whether you wanted adult scenes or not. Then Fate/Zero, the animation is really nice, anime FSN UBW Ufotable is a joy of animation and adaptation.

Persona 5

Best Video Games Based On Anime
Persona 5 Gameplay

Take advantage of your high school life, though, in the big city every day. The links that you form with the people you encounter will become a great force to allow you to achieve your destiny! After school, use your mobile application Metaverse Navigation to penetrate the palaces – surreal realms built in the hearts of dishonest adults – as a fantasy thief.

With Persona’s influence, make these criminals change hearts by stealing their twisted wishes from the Treasure. Join your new comrades with your own sense of justice in the struggle to transform society!

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