Best Minecraft Seeds You Must Try Out in 2021

Best Minecraft Seeds
Best Minecraft Seeds You Must Try Out in 2021

Best Minecraft Seeds 2021Minecraft, a remarkable title created by Swedish developer Mojang and released in 2009. The spotlight sandbox game has over 126 million active users. The game allows users to show off their creative building ability by allowing them to explore a virtual world centered on various sorts of bricks and water.

One of the most interesting factors of Minecraft is that it allows players to design their own universe using seeds, which are made up of a variety of letters and numbers. Players can make anything with the seeds, including ore vein formation, terrain generation, and structure spawns. The game creates a universe using random seeds, but it also allows users to access custom seeds to construct whatever they want.

We explored the Minecraft world for the best Minecraft seeds and have compiled a list of fan-favorites below. They’ve also been divided into numerous categories—survival, village, and global seeds—making it simple to identify your ideal environment.

How to Use Minecraft seeds

How to Use Minecraft seeds

Minecraft seeds are a series of digits that tell you how to load into a certain Minecraft environment. Players can enter these numbers before starting a new world to conjure up the specific location they want to visit, and developers share these codes online.

When you apply a seed, you will retrieve the same world generation as someone else who has used it before you. When it comes to using these seeds, the only thing you need to remember is to make sure you’re running the correct version of Minecraft. Here’s what you need to do.

Open the launcher

Click on “Launch Options”

Click on “Add New”

Insert the desired name

You will see a dropbox below that with all the previous editions.

Click on the one you need.

Go back to the “News” section, and boot up the version you need.

Best Minecraft Seeds

The Minecraft Seeds has been divided into survival, village, and global seeds categories making it simple to identify your ideal environment.

Best Minecraft Seeds: Survival

Best Minecraft Seeds

1. Castaway : Seed: -573947210 | Version 1.14

Shipwreck seeds are popular because they provide that valuable head start that folks often desire. This one is especially powerful due to the gathering of several charming objects, TNT, and even a diamond, among other things. Not only that, but they’re all within walking distance of your spawn point. This is an excellent choice if users want to get off to a solid start.

Best Minecraft Seeds
Exposed Stronghold

Exposed Stronghold : Seed: 1556388534623276506 | Version 1.7

Don’t let your spawn point deceive you—that isn’t the ravine you’re looking for. Do you want to see a truly underground mystery? 236 68 -704 are the coordinates to look for. Users can see an oaken, open-plan library intersecting a stronghold if they look into the chasm. The walls are lined with ladders and bookshelves: you’ll probably need a few tomes to enchant your gear, especially since the end portal is close by.

Best Minecraft Seeds
Minimalist Survival Island

2. Minimalist Survival Island : Seed: 3366408241916580461 | Version 1.8

One must isolate themselves on an unforgiving Minecraft survival island seed to acquire real enlightenment. This sparse atmosphere may certainly prompt some soul-searching. Here, essential supplies are nearly non-existent, and your only pals are the neighboring squid. You can find yourself anthropomorphizing inanimate blocks after a while.

Best Minecraft Seeds
Temple of Doom

3. Temple of Doom : Seed: 2029492581 | Version 1.14

What if we built a temple in the middle of a forest, then placed it near a pillaging outpost? Isn’t that appealing? That is precisely what this seed accomplishes. It’s a wonderful option for players looking for a fun challenge that keeps them close to a temple, but it’s also a lot of fun to begin so close to one.

Best Minecraft Seeds
Double shipwreck

4. Double shipwreck : Seed: -4841696958638411935 | Version 1.13

What could be more exciting than discovering a deserted shipwreck? Of course, you’ll need to find two within spitting distance of each other. This seed spawns you on a little island if you want to take a vacation from combing the world for treasure. A floating destroyed ship can be found to the left, and another to the right. What more could you possibly want? No, there won’t be a third sunk ship; that’s too extreme.

Best Minecraft Seeds
Turtle power

5. Turtle power: Seed: 519124461 | Version 1.13

Turtles in their natural shell. Turtle strength! Although developing your own turtle colony sounds like a lot of fun, there’s more to this seed than that. A partly sunken ocean ruin is just right of the spawn, as you’ve surely noticed. After you’ve looted that one, dive into the water to discover yet another ocean ruin.

Best Minecraft Seeds: Village

Best Minecraft Seeds
Ocean Temple Island

1. Ocean Temple Island : Seed: 6039186344010446208 | Version 1.15

This island settlement seed looks like it was plucked from The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker. You’ll spawn in the middle of this picturesque tiny island settlement with many watchtowers and cottages, surrounded by the sea. You can even start your mining operation in a small cave beneath the hamlet. An ocean temple lurks just beyond the wooden docks on the outskirts of town.

Best Minecraft Seeds
The Township

2. The Township : Seed: -613756530319979507 | Version 1.14

We’re not sure how this got here on the topic of shipwrecks, but there appears to be a ship parked in the center of this settlement. Although we believe that having a massive ship in the middle of the Minecraft hamlet should be the reason for concern, no one else seems to be disturbed. There’s also another ship nearby, as well as an ocean ruin to investigate.

Best Minecraft Seeds
Village Surrounded by Snow

3. Snow Village : Seed: -870685196012565250 | Version 1.8.3

Perhaps it’s time to return to civilization, eh? There is no more picturesque NPC Minecraft village seed than this one, a tiny hamlet nestled in a thawed patch of Cold Taiga biome. There’s a friendly neighborhood blacksmith, a cute little farm for food, and even diamonds to, er, borrow if you poke around. If you’re looking for a seed to base a thriving metropolis on, and you’re a sucker for a snowy backyard, this is the seed for you.

Best Minecraft Seeds
Overpowered Loot and Water Village

4. Overpowered Loot and Water Village : Seed: 66830 | Version 1.12

A well-developed village can make or break a run. This Minecraft village seed isn’t your typical wheat and wooden swords affair. Oh, no! This village has a blacksmith forge with seven obsidian blocks, nine steel ingots, two gold ingots, a steel helm and chest plate, a steel pickaxe, and three diamonds. Even better, it isn’t technically considered cheating. What isn’t to love?

Best Minecraft Seeds
Monstrously Massive Seaside Village

5. Monstrously Massive Seaside Village : Seed: -43121277 | Version 1.11

Do you want to live in a seaside town with a beautiful view? Then you’ve come to the right place! Minecraft villages frequently spawn in groups of two or three. You may have seen pictures on the internet of hundreds of villager houses crammed together. They’re all fake, and the majority of the time, they’re from a mod. In reality, multiple villages spawning next to each other are extremely rare. Except for this Minecraft seed, where an absolutely massive village has spawned just off the coast.

Best Minecraft Seeds: World

Huge Bamboo Jungle

1. Huge Bamboo Jungle : Seed: -6007508716048973791 | Version 1.14

If you haven’t yet encountered Minecraft’s panda mobs, this seed places you right next to a massive bamboo forest to explore. Not far from spawn is where you’ll locate the forest’s edge. A little settlement in the plains and (as of version 1.16) a ruined Nether portal can be found if you wander around the outskirts of the bamboo forest.

Best Minecraft Seeds
What Lies Beneath

2. What Lies Beneath : Seed: 927605758 | Version 1.14

This seed puts you within spitting distance of a blacksmith community, but it’s more than meets the eye. A large ravine and a complicated mine system run beneath the hamlet. It all feels quite dramatic as if you’ve stumbled upon some buried fabled cave complex, especially if you fall into the lava.

Best Minecraft Seeds

3. Iceland : Seed: -1086590626 | Version 1.13

Okay. So. Iceberg biomes are fascinating. Not only do they have a strange gloomy vibe, but they’re also perfect for building a house in. Who hasn’t fantasized about living in an ice castle? This seed is unique in that, like many others, it spawns on an island. Turn any way with this seed, and all you see are ice spikes. You’d better think quickly since surviving this seed won’t be easy.

Best Minecraft Seeds
Dive into the reefs

4. Dive into the reefs : Seed: 527517686 | Version 1.13

It’s been said a million times, but it bears repeating: Minecraft can be gorgeous, and it’s never looked better since the addition of coral. The beauty that lies beneath is what this seed is all about. Kick-off your shoes and jump in from the spawn. Just make sure you have your screencap key handy because this one is a sightseeing diving excursion to remember.

Best Minecraft Seeds
Live Life Above the Clouds

5. Live Life Above the Clouds : Seed: 8061648139126237361 | Version 1.1

From the spawn location, turn right and keep going in that direction. You’ll ultimately come across several islands, but they won’t be out at sea; instead, they’ll be floating in mid-air, as if held up by an unseen marionette. Do you claim it’s magical? Let’s go with the word “magic.” Because sky islands take a long time to construct, this seed is ideal for people who wish to skip the construction phase and jump right into creating a new life in the sky.

Best Minecraft Seeds: Pocket Edition

Best Minecraft Seeds
Diamonds Below Spawn Village

1. Diamonds Below Spawn Village : Seed: -2093069911| Version 1.12

You could just want to get into a new Minecraft environment and grab some useful items right away. If you go to the settlement around spawn and start digging with this seed, you’ll almost certainly uncover some useful diamonds early on. Dig straight down from the village’s handing bell for the highest chance of finding a diamond cluster.

Best Minecraft Seeds
Coastal Blacksmith Village

2. Coastal Blacksmith Village : Seed: -1166728700 | Version 1.9

This charming blacksmith town is definitely worth a visit. It’s not only on a quiet sandy beach, but it’s also flanked on the left by a massive ravine. It’s a fantastic area to visit, but it’ll be even better if you decide to build your own home there. It has it all: beautiful scenery, essential resources, and a welcoming village.

Best Minecraft Seeds
Shipwreck Overtaken

3. Shipwreck Overtaken : Seed: 1091912512 | Version 1.7.1

Any excuse to swim underwater and explore a coral reef in Minecraft is fine with me. They’re stunning enough to warrant a journey in and of themselves, but this seed places the player near a reef that has engulfed a sunken ship! It’s a lovely and enjoyable way to begin your new Minecraft world.

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