Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards under Rs 3000

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If you are new to mechanical keyboards, you might be thinking about how a keyboard worth Rs 3000 comes under the budget category. Worry not because, in this post, we will not only tell you about the best budget mechanical keyboards but also help you understand the difference between mechanical and other types of keyboards.

Types of Keyboards

Membrane Keyboards

Membrane keyboards are the most common type of keyboard and you can get them for as low as Rs 200 since they are easy to manufacture. They also are more resistant to dust and water as compared to mechanical keyboards. Membrane keyboards feature anti-ghosting, backlighting, etc. which can be found on mechanical keyboards as well.

On a typical membrane keyboard, all the keys are connected to a central pressure pad. This gives you very dull feedback.

Mechanical Keyboards

As opposed to a central pad, mechanical keyboards have a dedicated switch for each key. There are a lot of different types of switches in mechanical keyboards. Essentially, they’re divided into 3 categories – Linear, tactile and clicky.

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The clicky switches have a bump in the stem of the switch which leads to tactile feedback and is loud. The tactile switches have a lesser bump as compared to clicky switches but do give you tactile feedback. A linear switch has no such bump in the stem but it actuates a tad bit faster (which might still vary from switch to switch as per the springs), and still gives a better feel than a membrane board as bottoming out of keys is better.

Switches 1
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Now that you know the fundamental difference between membrane and mechanical switches, let us take a look at some of the best budget mechanical keyboards.

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards under Rs 3000

Quantum QHM9800 – Rs 1,799/-


This is among the cheapest hot-swappable mechanical keyboards you can get right now on Amazon. Hot-swappable means you can just pull out individual keys from the PCB and replace them with other compatible switches. This is a full-size keyboard and you don’t have to compromise on any keys here. It comes with blue switches which give great tactile feedback at the cost of being loud and if you don’t mind that you can definitely look into this keyboard. It is value for money and also comes with a 1 Year Warranty.

Buy it on Amazon

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 Neon Rainbow – Rs 1,999/-


Cosmic Byte GK12 is a full-size keyboard with blue switches. You also get a brown switch variant prices around the same and you can find them on their website here. This Keyboard is not a hot-swappable board but has great built quality with a braided cable. If you want that tactile bump but don’t want to wake people in your house while you’re working or playing this is a great option. Brown switches are tactile and silent, the best of both worlds.

Buy it on CosmicByte

Buy it on Amazon

Cosmic Byte GK 16/18 – Rs 2,399/-

GK 16

Cosmic Byte Firely GK16 is a Ten-Keyless keyboard with clicky blue switches. The compact size leads to the elimination of the Number pad and makes it a great compact keyboard with 87 switches. The same board with Red Linear Switches is called the GK18. This is a great board and comes with per-key RGB and that is a great addition as it adds to the overall aesthetic of the board. it has great build quality with an aluminum plate and braided cables.

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Ant Esports MK1200 Mini – Rs 2,050/-


The smaller the mechanical keyboards get, the costlier they get and this is the first board at 60% layout which comes at such a budget price range. Equipped with blue switches it is aimed at gamers and if the small layout appeals to you it is a great buy. You can use the arrow keys by using the function keys and a lot of other keys by doing the same. This is a compact board and can be useful especially if you have a small desk or want more space to move your mouse.

Buy it on AntEsports

TVS Gold – Rs 2,699/-

Tvs Gold

If you don’t like the gamer aesthetic and want something more formal, the legendary TVS Gold keyboard has got you covered. This comes in various switches and the ones linked here are reds. You can check on Amazon for the switch type of your preference. This keyboard has been being used for a long time now in India in many offices. It’s well known for its clean look and also for being durable.

Buy it on Amazon.

That was our list of some good keyboards under 3000 rupees. If you have any other suggestions do let us know below.

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