Battlegrounds Mobile India’s (BGMI) Latest Update Addresses a Number of Issues

Krafton has launched an patch update for BGMI which will fix majority of issues. Read along to know more about it.
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Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI has seen a great positive response within the Indian young crowds of gamers since its launch after the ban of PUBG, a Chinese game which was thought to be a threat for the Indian telecommunication sector. It has the same developer Krafton who helped to build the Indian version of this game with a touch of India within the game. But within the few months of launch, there were many bug reports and many issues during the game which disappointed the Indian gamers and gave a second thought whether it matches the standards of gaming with its Chinese counterpart PUBG. But recently, BGMI launched a new patch update which will fix a handful of issues during the multiplayer mode.  

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According to Krafton, the latest update that was launched will fix the issue which affects the player’s speed during the game, and a bug where even after applying player’s sensitivity codes, it didn’t work as expected. Another issue that BGMI has addressed is the scope while using a specific weapon. It has been creating problems for a lot of players during the game and they couldn’t kill the enemies as efficiently as they could have. This has also been fixed in the new patch update. Krafton even informed that the patch also looks into the issue of premium crates within the game that takes down an item gifted to the gamers involuntarily, when opened the crate for at least 10, 20, or 30 times, that resolves it with immediate effect.

If that wasn’t enough, this update also fixed many glitches within the latest version of BGMI that was troubling the gamers. One of such glitches that was fixed that resulted in periodic faster speeds on the Nimbus Island, which could have been misused by other gamers. It also fixes the concern of other player’s sensitivity codes being applied for their own, the codes which allow a player to share his/her customised sensitivity configuration of the game for camera, gyroscope and Aim Down Sight. After it is looked over, the sensitivity codes will remain within the same player. The Merry Tidings, UZI weapon’s skin has created a new issue where the players couldn’t see through the weapon’s scope, when applied, during the game.

Earlier this week, Krafton has published a fix for the Lamborghini Crate within the game, that will modify the skins for the luxurious new vehicles which were introduced last month. They have also revealed that 50,000 accounts were banned for illegal activities and misconduct in this popular battle roayle game. The latest update has resolved that issue and will be successfully applied in the game when the game will be next restored to normalcy with latest developments within it.

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