Battlegrounds Mobile India Launched Officially: How to Download

Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch
Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch

Battlegrounds Mobile India was officially launched in India on Friday, according to the developers. Android users and early access users can get the BGMI official version from the Play Store. Unfortunately, there’s no news on when the iOS version will be available.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the fans in India who have been waiting for the official launch of Krafton’s BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA

The beta edition of the PUBG Mobile alternative was made accessible to pre-registered players in May. Android users who downloaded the early access version can go to the app’s Play Store listing and update it.

Download Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Official Version

  • Navigate to the Google Play Store using your Android phone or tablet.
  • Search for Battlegrounds India (the game’s name in the Play Store)
  • Select the first result.
  • Download the game through Wi-Fi or mobile data. 

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Battlegrounds Mobile is approximately 721MB in size. It may, however, differ depending on your handset and Android version. Moreover, to download and access Battlegrounds Mobile India, your phone must have Android 5.1 or later and at least 2GB of RAM.

Once downloaded, you can obtain the Constable Set (permanent), which is a reward for reaching 10 million downloads, from the in-game events area. Krafton has also extended the deadline for collecting the ‘India ka Battlegrounds’ gift award, as well as the 1 million and 5 million downloads rewards, until August 19.

BGMI 10M Downloads Gift
BGMI 10M Downloads Gift

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The company was initially chastised for transmitting Indian players’ data to data centers in China. Krafton avoided a bullet by acting quickly. It even admitted to transmitting data from Battlegrounds Mobile India gamers to servers outside of India, but only with the user’s permission.

Some of the data sharing occurred as a result of people attempting to migrate their data from PUBG Mobile Global. Krafton stated that it is “working hard to completely comply with Indian laws and regulations.”

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