Battlegrounds Mobile India Finally Coming to iOS, Company Teases

Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS release poster

Battlegrounds Mobile India (or BGMI) was released last month for Android smartphone users, but iOS users were left in dark, as the company didn’t announce a release date for the iOS platform. Soon after the release, the game crossed 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store and is about to reach the 50 million download milestone.

Today, the company shared a new poster hinting the arrival of BGMI on iOS platform. It apple right below the big question mark symbol. It means that the company is right on the edge of releasing BGMI for the iOS platform. Though the poster does not reveal a specific date, we are most likely a few days away from the launch date announcement for iOS users.

BGMI Release Date Gets Leaked Once Again
BGMI- Battlegrounds Mobile India

In a recent Instagram post, Krafton announced 50 million milestone rewards. According to it, users will get three Supply Coupon Crate Scrap and three Classic Coupon Crate Scrap after hitting 48 million and 49 million downloads, respectively. On hitting the 50 million mark, players will get one Permanent Galaxy Messenger Set. 

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Notably, in that same Instagram post, Krafton mentions, “We are preparing for all Indian players to receive rewards regardless of their OS”. A back-to-back hint from the company suggests that we are very near to the Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS release.

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