Battleground Mobile India Pre- Registration and Guidelines for Minors

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch Date

Krafton a South Korean tech giant recently reintroduced Pubg Mobile as Battleground Mobile India. The company has posted guidelines for minors on their brand new website Battleground Mobile India. Although the article does not spill out the launch date, the guideline does provide additional information about the game itself that the original Pubg mobile aka the Global version of Pubg mobile lacks. According to the privacy policy, minors will need their parents/guardians’ concern to play the title. Minors can not invest more than INR 7,000 per day for the In-Game purchases. Minors can not access Battleground Mobile India for more than 3-hours per day.

Guidelines for Minors to Play Battleground Mobile India

Parents / Guardians’ Concern

The privacy policy of Battleground Mobile India states that minors have to provide their Parents’ / Guardians’ mobile number to get access to the game. Although, the post doesn’t say how they will verify the number provided by the minors is indeed their parents/ guardians as most minors have mobile numbers of their own and they can easily enter their own numbers and get access to the game. Krafton didn’t specify the verification method either, but they will most likely send an OTP to the assigned mobile number to give access to the game.

In-App Purchases is Restricted

Previously, we heard a lot of complaints from parents about their kids spending a ridiculous amount to purchase in-game goodies via parents’ credit card. The game developer has now restricted a INR 7,000 per day for the In-Game purchases limit. However, it 7,000 bucks per day still seems a massive investment, Krafton should nerf this daily purchase option to a more approachable limit.

Daily Play-Time Limit

According to the Battlegrounds Mobile India privacy policy, minors are not permitted to play the game for more than three hours a day. This restriction could come as a huge relief to parents who were concerned that their children would spend the whole day playing the game.

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Pre-Registration for Battleground Mobile India

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Krafton has announced that pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India will begin prior to the game’s release. There is no specific date for pre-registration, but given that the game has now been publicly released by the developer, we should hear more shortly. According to Krafton, The Battleground Mobile India will only be available exclusively in India.

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