Battleground Mobile India Pre-Registration Date Tipped

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch Date

Krafton recently introduced Battlegrounds Mobile India, and the Indian PUBG Mobile community is overjoyed with the latest developments. It has been more than eight months since PUBG Mobile was suspended in the region, and it is now on its way back. The game will have unique activities, costumes, and features and an esports community of competitions and leagues. Fans are still waiting for a formal announcement of the game’s release date.

There have been several rumours about the Battlegrounds Mobile India release date, as the developers have yet to reveal one. With recent events, it is rational to assume that the game will be released soon. Ocean Sharma, a prominent PUBG Mobile caster, recently shared his thoughts on Battlegrounds Mobile India with Sportskeeda Esports stating:

As I previously stated, there will be two major announcements in May, one of which has been made today. Also, if this was just a teaser, the trailer could arrive by the end of the month if everything goes according to plan. Because this was only a baby step, the game could be available by June.

Maxtern, a successful content creator, stated in a statement to Sportskeeda Esports:

I believe an announcement will be made very soon, and the game will most likely be released by the end of May or June; if it does not, the hype surrounding the game will die.

To recall, A very popular content creator, Dynamo Gaming in his live stream hinted at the launch patterns of Pubg Mobile India:

Several fans have also voiced their opinions on the release date with various theories, including one for June 10th. However, according to Krafton’s announcement, there will be a pre-registration period before the game is publicly released. However, no exact date or period has been specified yet.

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