Are Your Apple Earpods Fake or Real? Find Out in 5 Ways!

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If you are an Apple owner then you must have come across or wondered about this question more than once. Are your Earpods real or fake? If your Apple device is more than a year old, then you may find yourself out to buy new ear pods sooner or later. The Apple Earpods cost Rs. 1900 on the official Apple Store but you can find local stores offering them at cheaper prices.

These local stores claim that the Apple Earpods they are selling are original but more often than not they aren’t. For anyone spending such a costly amount on earpods, this turns out to be a huge rip-off, and most of the time people don’t realize that they are using fake earpods until it’s too late.

Hence, today Oyprice is here to ensure that our readers do not become the victim of these malpractices, with our article defining ways in which you can figure out if your Apple Earpods are real or fake. This article will take you through 5 ways in which you can ensure the authenticity of your Apple Earpods before buying them or even after you’ve purchased them.

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1. Design

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First of all, talking about the design and packaging of the Earpods. The box of the original Apple Earpods will be very neat and appropriate. You should be able to make out the authenticity by seeing the white shade of the box, serial number, or the codes at its bottom. While, on the other hand, in the packaging of the fake Earpods, the plastic that is used is very cheap and flimsy. The box doesn’t close or fit well. The Apple logo would also be inappropriate and easy to figure out that it’s not real.

2. Cable

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The cables on the original Apple Earpods have a description saying ‘Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in Vietnam’ while the makers do not bother with the same on fake Apple Earpods.

3. Build

Adding to the cables, the cables on original Apple Earpods are very sturdy while that on the fake ones are very weak. You will be able notice some obvious breaks and creases on the cable on the fake ones

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4. Sound Quality

There’s a vertical bar on the Earpods. When you block them on the original ones, they stop or lower the bass a little bit, but on the fake Earpods there is no such setting and the sound just stays the same. Talking about the overall sound quality as well, the sound quality on the original Earpods is very rich and harmonic while the same won’t be expected of the fake Earpods.

5. Lightening Connector

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This is the trick that will immediately help you distinguish real Earpods from fake ones. The lightening connector of the original Earpods has magnetic properties while the lightening connector of the fake ones doesn’t bear the same. Hence, if you take your lightening connector close to a magnet and it sticks to it or is attracted to it, then you know that the Earpods you have are the real deal. You can also keep this trick in mind, if you’re going to buy an original lightening charger1

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That’s all for today! Do let us know in the comments if these tips helped you and look out for our new article dealing with such similar tips and tricks.

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