Apple’s Second Event To Focus On Macs & iPads: Gurman

Apple Event
Apple Event

Respected Bloomberg Journalist, Mark Gurman recently tweeted about Apple focusing on new Macs and iPads in their second event this fall. He also says Tuesday’s “California Streaming” event will focus only on iPhones and Apple Watch Series 7.

Gurman in his weekly newsletter “Power On” pointed at a second fall 2021 Apple event likely to happen in “several weeks”. The idea of Apple having multiple events in a year was highly unlikely a couple of years ago, but 2020 proved it wrong. Mostly because of a global health crisis, the Cupertino-based tech giant was forced to hold three events last year. This year, now that the storm has calmed down, Apple is back to its usual scheduling of events and launches with their usual September event broadcasting normally.

Apple is rumored to be working on new versions of the MacBooks and information about them is still unclear but we do have some leaks. The all-new and updated MacBook Pro is expected to feature thinner bezels, a bigger display and a redesigned chassis. While the naming is still unclear it will be “supercharged” by either M1X or M2, which will be the second generation of Apple’s own Mac silicon, after M1. Apple is also bringing back the HDMI port and SD card slot along with MagSafe connectivity. According to Gurman, we will also see a rethought M1X/M2 Mac Mini this year.

As far as the iPad goes, we are hearing leaks about two models: the low-cost iPad and the iPad Mini 6. The normal iPad should feature minor and incremental upgrades with nothing major being added to it. The company does have some big things lined up for the iPad mini 6 though. It is expected to be updated with an all-display design. Like the iPad Air, it will have no Home button and could support TouchID.

A second Apple event sounds very interesting and as the tech giant closes on a $2 Trillion valuation, this will be a big year for them.

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