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Apple’s Next-Generation Smartwatch Might Feature Blood Sugar Measurement

Apple might be working on introducing Blood Sugar Monitoring with the Apple Watch Series 7

A UK-based startup Rockley Photonics revealed in an SEC filing that it has formed a significant relationship with Apple that could enable blood sugar monitoring in the Apple Watch by the year 2022.

The British company Rockley Photonics designs infrared sensors for monitoring blood through the use of infrared light. These new sensors can monitor elements normally monitored with medical equipment, including blood sugar levels and alcohol levels.

SEC Filing reveals Rockley Photonics’s relationship with Apple

An SEC filing made public by Rockley, first reported by UK’s Telegraph, showcases its financial relationships. Apple is cited as one of the “few large customers” according to the document.

In 2020, Rockley’s largest two customers accounted for 100% of revenue, while the largest two customers in 2019 accounted for 99.6%. Though it is unclear if Apple is the company’s biggest or second-largest customer, it is highly possible that it is the biggest client given its interest in sensors and improvement of its product offerings, along with being included in the filing.

Media reports that Rockley Photonics CEO Andrew Rickman said the company’s technology will be applied to consumer products in 2022, but declined to comment whether it is linked to Apple.

Blood Glucose Measurement Tool
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Rumors have surfaced that Apple is studying a way of measuring blood sugar using the Apple Watch, and the company has announced a patent for achieving this without drawing blood from the user’s hand. If Rockley Photonics’ technology development goes as expected, it will improve the accessibility of blood glucose monitoring for diabetic patients in the future, while avoiding the pain of blood sampling and measurement.

That said, what do you think about this new technique? Do let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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