Apple’s AR Headset Could be Launching Soon as it Leaves Prototyping Phase

Apple AR Headset

Apple has been rumoured to launch its mixed reality headset since 2019 with many reports revealing the supposed technical specifications headset. However, it looks like we might soon be able to have a look at the highly secretive device even as it has reportedly left the prototyping stage.

According, to the recent reports by DigiTimes Apple’s mixed reality headset, has already passed Phase 2 of the Engineering Validation and Testing (EVT 2) and is already on the way to the design and production validation phase before it’s finally given the green light to begin mass production.

Additionally, the report also claims that the headset is expected to begin mass production starting from August or September and will still be launched in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Whatever the case maybe we won’t keep our hopes high and suggest taking this news with a grain of salt as Apple reportedly planned to launch its headset in 2019 but it never saw the light of the day due to internal delays.

Apart from that, several reliable sources such as Ming-Chi Quo strongly suggest a 2022 release wherein on the other hand Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman strongly disagrees and suggest a 2023 release date. Meanwhile, It’s really hard to confirm or deny any of the rumours as both the sources have had a very strong track record in the past when it comes to predicting Apple announcements and products.

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