Apple Teases an Android app For AirTags, Announces an Update For AirTags That Improves Privacy

AirTag update with improved privacy
AirTag update with improved privacy

According to CNET, Apple has announced that starting today, it will send out updates to AirTag that will change how it notifies people if they have undesired AirTags following them. The new firmware update will modify the time taken to play an alert when separated from the owner.

Previously, AirTags would trigger an alert three days after being misplaced. Now after the update, lost AirTags will play a sound for 8 to 24 hours if they are not found. According to Apple’s statement, this should “discourage unwanted tracking.” AirTag trackers are also expected to support Android devices in the future.

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According to reports, the company is working on an app for Android devices that will allow users to “detect” an AirTag or Find My network-enabled device.

The recent introduction of AirTag included industry-first proactive features that discourage unwanted tracking.


As of Thursday, the AirTag firmware update has begun to be distributed to AirTag devices. If you’re near an iPhone, the AirTag is automatically updated.

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