Apple Series 7 Longer Battery Than Blood Sugar Measurements?

Apple Series 7 Longer Battery Than Blood Sugar Measurements
Upcoming Apple Watch to have a longer battery life

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is not only giving the watch a new design and potentially a new colour but also giving up new sensors. There were rumours about these in advance. However, Apple may decide to give the watch a much longer battery life this year.

There is some media speculation that Apple wants to encourage existing customers to buy a new watch model by improving battery life. Compared to competing with other smartwatches and fitness trackers, Apple has a drawback, particularly in terms of battery life.

In the past, the battery of the watch has slightly increased generation after generation. But new sensors and functions guarantee that you haven’t noticed a thing.

The Series 7 offers a new design.

Series 7
Series 7

It’s almost clear: based on the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro, but also, for instance, Apple’s iMac, the watch should receive a new design this year.

The S7 chip will shrink.

According to a report, Apple’s S7 chip in series 7 will be smaller. So more room is available inside. Apple could either install new sensors or lengthen run time.

But no blood sugar measurements?

There were indications that Apple could introduce a non-invasive blood glucose measurement feature with Series 7. That would go a long way to helping people with diabetes. Apple’s boss, Tim Cook, suffers from diabetes himself.

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