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Apple Releases iOS 14.6 and iPadOS 14.6, What’s New?

Apple Family Card, Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, AirTag improvements, and more.

Apple released iOS 14.6 and iPadOS 14.6 to the public. The iOS 14.6 and iPadOS 14.6 are another major update for iPhone and iPad users after the previous release of iOS 14.5 last month.

This update includes support for Apple Family Card, Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, AirTag improvements, and more. You can update your Apple device by going to Settings>General>Software Update.

Apple Family Card

Support for Apple Card Family

At Apple’s special event last month, Apple announced the Apple Card Family, which allows users to share their Apple Card via Family Sharing.

This new feature allows two individuals to share and combine their credit lines while building credit together. This also allows parents to share their Apple Card with their children while also allowing them to set spending limits and control and also track expenses.

The Apple Card can be shared with anyone above 13 years of age and with up to 5 people in a Family Sharing group.

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Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

New feature in Apple Podcasts

The new update from Apple also brings support to the Podcasts app for Apple’s new Apple Podcasts Subscriptions platform which will allow the podcast creators to collect subscription fees from their listeners.

It also allows podcasts to offer bonus content such as ad-free episodes and subscriber-only episodes to their subscribers. Podcasts subscription will be available in more than 170 countries.

AirTag and Find My

New changes in Find My

With the iOS14.6, in the Find My app, if you put a ‌Find My‌ accessory or an AirTag into Lost Mode, you now the option to add an email address for contact purposes. In the early versions of iOS, the only option was to enter a phone number.

AirTags will now also show the partially masked phone number of the owner when tapped with an NFC-capable device.

Unlocking with Voice Control

With the Voice Control option enabled, the iPhone users can now unlock their devices for the first time after a restart using only their voice with the iOS 14.6. In the early versions of iOS, whenever the user restarted a device, they had to unlock the device by putting in the passcode.

Other Bug Fixes

A number of bug fixes are included in the latest iOS version. It solves the following issues:

  • Unlock with Apple Watch may not work after using Lock ‌‌iPhone‌‌ on Apple Watch.
  • Reminders may appear as blank lines.
  • Call blocking extensions may not appear in Settings.
  • Bluetooth devices could sometimes disconnect or send audio to a different device during an active call.
  • ‌‌iPhone‌‌ may experience reduced performance during startup.

Have you upgraded your iPhone to iOS 14.6? If not we suggest you upgrade your device if your device is compatible.

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