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Apple Music About to “Change Forever”

The announcement is expected to come as soon as this Tuesday, May 18.

Apple has hinted about an upcoming major announcement for Apple Music. Even though Apple has not disclosed much information but we can expect a major change.

Across all Apple platforms, the Browse tab in the Music app has started showing a popular teaser hinting at an upcoming big Apple Music announcement. “Get ready – music is about to change forever,” the headline says under the heading “Coming soon.” The “Tune-In Video” that goes with it is just an animated Apple Music logo.

Apple is planning to introduce a new “Hi-Fi” tier of Apple Music, as reported by MacRumors, which will provide lossless audio and possibly a Spatial Audio experience on compatible hardware. This Tuesday, May 18, an announcement could be made.

The spinning effect of the animated Apple Music logo in the teaser, which alternates between white on black and black on white, may allude to Spatial Audio’s surround-sound design.

The Hi-Fi Apple Music tier was first rumored two weeks ago, and signs of high-fidelity audio have been discovered in the code of both the iOS 14.6 beta and the Apple Music app for Android beta.

Some reports claim that the latest Hi-Fi Apple Music tier will be released alongside the third-generation AirPods, while others claim that the new earphones will not be released until later this year.

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