Apple May Launch a New Product Tomorrow

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Some people say that 2020 wasn’t Apple’s year. The Cupertino based giant faced a dry run at the beginning of the year, due to obstructions in production caused by the coronavirus pandemic. And the remainder of the year was spent by the giant, coping with the production drop by launching multiple products consecutively. Amid all of this, Apple continuously remained at the center of bad press owing to its App Store fees and policies, which gradually resulted in cutting the fee in half for most App Store developers. So yeah, some people may actually be right about 2020 not being Apple’s year; except for one detail: The year hasn’t ended for Apple yet!

Yes, you heard it right! This year Apple has already launched four new iPhones, three new iPads, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, HomePod mini, and MacBook Pro with Apple silicon and so goes on the list. Yet, last month a tipster dropped a hint that there may be a “Christmas Surprise from Apple.” So, will Apple be launching a new product before the end of this year? Seems unlikely, doesn’t it? But not after some recent developments.

As per Joe Rossignol of MacRumors, Apple informed service providers that something is going to happen at 5:30 AM Pacific on Tuesday i.e. 7:00 PM IST, on the 8th of December. This information is said to be obtained through an internal memo which revealed that the ‘something’ is going to be a series of changes in Apple Care. Normally, this wouldn’t excite the users much, but it just so happens that whenever such memos have been issued in the past, a product launch was quick to follow. 

But after hosting three big events in September, October, and November consecutively, does Apple have anything hidden under the covers to pull out? After this rumor, users have guessed this mystery product to be everything from a new Apple TV to an exclusive Macbook. But what seems to be most likely is Apple’s much anticipated Apple AirPods Studio. This is the name given to Apple’s upcoming over-ear headphones, which are being made by Apple for the first time, making it an all-new product category. In the past, they’ve been expected to launch with the WWDC, then with the iPad, and so on with many other products, too. 

Some think that they may remain only a thought, this time as well, but we gotta say that things are looking quite the sunny side up this time. This comes after a feature recently noticed in the recent beta version of iOS 14. An over-ear headphones icon was spotted in the software of the latest update which wasn’t noticed before. Now, with the announcement of iOS 14.3, being up soon, the timing seems to match effortlessly. 

apple airtags f23f703
Apple’s in-development Tile-like chip trackers, AirTags

Talking about the design of the headphones, they are said to have advanced features such as symmetrical design to eliminate the trouble of differentiating between left and right, noise cancellation, and easily removable earpads with magnetic attachment. Citing Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, the new product may have “a retro look.” He also added that they will comprise of two versions, one focusing on fitness, and the other premium, and may be priced around $350.

In spite of all these assumptions, there are some people who seem to believe that the new product may be the AirTags, Apple’s in-development Tile-like chip trackers. While some believe that there may be no product launch after all and the ‘something’ could simply be an administrative event having no hardware linked to it. 

Whichever the case, it won’t be long until we come to know, and Oyprice will be the first to let you know of any further developments. So, stay tuned to know what Apple’s mystery product actually is!

Feel free to let us know in the comments what you think the supposedly launching mystery product could be!

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