Apple M1 Max GPU Outperforms a $6,000 AMD Radeon GPU

M1 Max

At Apple’s “Unleashed” event, Apple introduced the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros with the new M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs. These are ARM SoCs and have up to 32 cores for the GPU alone. And the M1 Max GPU, according to Andy Somerfield – Lead developer of Affinity Photo, is the fastest GPU they ever tested and beats a USD 6,000 AMD Radeon Pro W6900X in the benchmark.

This is what we found in the early benchmark scores of the MacBook Pros, “The claims are put to rest as an early CPU benchmark revealed that the new M1 Max is 55% faster than the original M1. On the other hand, the early GPU benchmarks posted on Geekbench 5 show that the M1 Max offers up to a whopping 181% faster graphics than the GPUs found in the previous Intel 16-inch MacBook Pro.”

Full-fledged reviews for the MacBook Pros with the new SoC’s is not out yet, but they are the talk of the town as Apple has claimed these new SoCs to be powerful and also power efficient.

M1 Pro & M1 Max features

The early benchmark scores show us how powerful the new Apple Silicon chips are compared to their predecessors, but let’s take a look at how powerful they are than the USD 6,000 AMD Radeon Pro W6900X Apple ships in their 12-core Mac Pro, it’s a 300-watt GPU.

Yes, the M1 Max GPU beats the AMD Radeon Pro W6900X. However, please note that benchmark scores do not reflect real-life performance, and in this case, it has been measured particularly for the Affinity Photo application.

Andy explains an ideal GPU for Affinity photos saying, “In Photo, an ideal GPU would do three different things well: 1.) High compute performance 2.) Fast on-chip bandwidth 3.) Fast transfer on and off the GPU.”

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M1 Max GPU
M1 Max Specs

The newly introduced M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs have up to 10 CPU cores, 32 GPU cores, and 400 GB/s bandwidth speed. The bandwidth speed is lower than AMD Radeon Pro W6900X, which is at 512 GB/s. So don’t draw conclusions based on the result of this test.

Nonetheless, this comparison proves that the new M1 Pro and M1 Max GPU’s are mighty, and if your work requires you to have the latest and the greatest performance, the M1 Max GPU won’t let you down can’t forget the CPU, which is also equally powerful.

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