Apple Finally Launches Its Self Service Repair Program For Select iPhone Models

Apple’s Self Repair Service Program Seems Great Initially But Still Has Some Drawbacks.
Self Service Repair

Months after Apple first revealed its plans to let its customers repair their own devices, the American tech giant has finally launched its Self Service Repair program in the United States which will allow average users to have access to genuine Apple parts and tools for repairing most recent iPhones including the whole iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series as well as the new iPhone SE 3.

The new Self Service Repair program which was launched alongside an Apple newsroom announcement, will let users access an online store where they can purchase various tools, parts and access repair manuals for products as recent as the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple Self Service Repair Store
Apple Self Service Repair Store

However, in true Apple fashion, it also has some drawbacks. Firstly as pointed out by iFixit, in order to purchase a part from the self repair service website the users will have to first enter their device serial and IMEI number, potentially allowing Apple to double down on its parts pairing strategy.

Secondly, as The Verge notes it, ‘Apple’s DIY repair parts are only slightly cheaper than its repair prices’ users will still be able to save some bucks if they’re willing to send back the part which might be refurbished or recycled down the line. This is much better as this will incentivise people to return parts to Apple instead of throwing them into the garbage.

That said, Apple also states that it is selling genuine Apple parts for the same price offered to authorized repair centres and will be expanding its Self Service Repair program to Europe later this year. Meanwhile, parts and tools for M1 Macs with will also be arriving around the same time.

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