Apple is working on a new remote for the next Apple TV

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We’ve been hearing reports about Apple’s next-generation TV for a while, but we don’t know when the company expects to make an official announcement. Now, according to 9to5Mac, Apple is working on a new Apple TV remote, confirming previous reports of Apple upgrading the Siri Remote.

Details about the latest Apple TV Remote are still unclear, but 9to5Mac’s sources say it’s being built under the codename “B519,” which differs from the existing Siri Remote’s codename, which is “B439.”

The Siri Remote had a minor change with a white ring around the Menu button when Apple launched the Apple TV 4K in 2017, allowing it to be marked as a new model. We assume the improvements would be more significant because the new Remote has an internal model number that is considerably higher than the existing version.

The Siri Remote has always been a contentious Apple TV accessory. Although some users adore it, many others despise it because it lacks physical navigation buttons and has a glass surface that is incredibly fragile. With a new Apple TV model on the way, now could be the ideal time for Apple to upgrade the Remote.

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We learned last week that Apple has removed all references to the term “Siri Remote” from the tvOS 14.5 beta, which is now referred to as “Apple TV Remote.” This name was already in use in some areas, but it is now the standard for all users — implying that the accessory will be updated soon.

Bloomberg announced in August 2020 that Apple is developing a new Apple TV with a faster processor and an “updated remote control” that will work with the Find My app. Last December, Bloomberg confirmed the rumor with new reports, stating that the new Apple TV with the revamped Remote would be released in 2021.

Previously, 9to5Mac discovered references to a new Apple TV model in the tvOS 13 code. According to the codes we got, the next-generation Apple TV would have a more powerful processor based on the arm64e architecture, which could be the A12 chip or anything newer.

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