Apple is Removing Outdated Apps from the App Store

Apple is going to remove all the outdated apps from App store. Apple has given notice to all the developers. Read along to know more about it.
apple app store

Apple is removing all the apps from their App store that have not been updated in a long time. Apple is sending a notice to all the affected developers titled “App Improvement Notice”. Apple has warned all the affected developers that they will have to update their apps that haven’t been ”updated in a significant amount of time.” Apple is giving a time limit of 30 days to developers to update their apps.

Apple stated in the email that “You may keep this app available for new users to discover and download from the App Store by submitting an update for approval within 30 days. If no update is submitted within 30 days, the app will be taken off the store.”Although users should keep in mind that even though all the outdated apps will be removed from the app store, all the already downloaded apps will remain on users iPhones.

apple app store

According to Apple’s App Store Improvements website, “We are adopting an ongoing process of app evaluation, deleting apps that no longer perform as intended, do not adhere to current review requirements, or are out of date.” Because there is no time stamp on the page, it is unclear when Apple published or last updated that post.

Apple said in 2016 that it would begin eliminating inactive apps from the App Store. It also notified developers at the time that they would have 30 days to update their app before it was removed.

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However, it’s unclear whether Apple has consistently implemented this restriction throughout the years, or if it only began lately doing a broader cleaning. Apple also doesn’t define what it regards to be “outdated,” whether it’s dependent on the time since an app was last updated or compatible with the most recent release of iOS.

According to some tech experts, Mobile apps ought to be accessible regardless of their age, just as old video games are to be accessible on all the consoles regardless of time. Apart from that, some developers are saying that The regulation is overly harsh on developers, and Apple is criticized for not fully respecting the work that goes into developing indie games.

Similarly, the Google Play Store stated earlier this month that it would begin limiting the availability of apps that “do not target an API level within two years of the most recent major Android release version.” But Google has given time to developers till November 1st, 2022 to update their apps. If the developers are not able to update their apps before 1st November 2022 in that case they can apply for a six-month extension.

Both the major App stores are removing outdated apps from their platform. This means that all the small developers might face trouble keeping up with the changes. Many small developers like Protopop Games came to Twitter to show their disappointment.

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