Apple is preparing to use 85 Tesla ‘Megapack’ batteries in a California energy project

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According to a study published on Wednesday, Apple will use an array of Tesla “Megapack” batteries for a grid-scale energy storage project at its solar farm in California.

Apple’s scheme, which was announced today, aims to store 240 megawatt-hours of electricity at the company’s 130-megawatt California Flats solar farm, enough to fuel more than 7,000 homes for a day. The project is being praised as one of the country’s biggest battery ventures by the tech giant.

Apple wants to use 85 Tesla lithium-ion Megapacks as part of the initiative, according to documents submitted with the Monterey County Board of Supervisors in 2020 and unearthed by The Verge. Apple Park in Cupertino will reportedly receive some of the energy contained in the batteries.

The Megapack was unveiled in 2019 as an alternative to so-called “peaker plants,” or plants that operate as replacements for local electricity grids. It is planned for installation at emissions-free power plants. According to Tesla, the batteries come fully assembled with up to 3 megawatt-hours (MWh) of storage and 1.5 megawatts (MW) of inverter power.

Apple’s 60MW installation is not the largest Tesla has ever seen, according to The Verge. Megapack systems with a capacity of about 100MW have already been deployed in Australia and Houston, Texas.

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Despite the fact that Apple and Tesla operate in entirely separate business segments, the former’s aspirations in the electric vehicle industry have sparked controversy in recent years. Apple CEO Elon Musk famously referred to Tesla as the “Tesla graveyard” when poaching between the two companies accelerated around 2015. Musk said in December that he tried to meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook during the “darkest days of the Model 3 scheme” to negotiate a possible buyout but was turned down.

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