Apple has provided information about the iOS 14.5 battery recalibration on the iPhone 11

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The iPhone 11 series will get a battery recalibration system in iOS 14.5 to repair data drifting.

The forthcoming iOS update, which is currently in its sixth developer beta, will fix a problem where the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max experienced unexplained battery drain or a performance drop.

According to an Apple support paper, incorrect battery health reporting does not represent actual battery health.

During daily charge cycles, the iPhones in question will recalibrate their maximum battery capacity and peak output capability. The process could take a few weeks, according to the company. While the phone is being recharged, the maximum capacity shown will not change.

The recalibration may fail in a small number of cases, alerting the consumer that the phone will need to be serviced. In such rare situations, Apple claims that an Apple Approved Service Provider will repair the battery for free to restore maximum performance and capacity.

The issues do not signify a physical safety problem, according to Apple, and the battery is still operational.

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In iOS 11.3, Apple added the iPhone Battery Health section to the Settings app. Following reports that the company was throttling CPU output on older computers, the changes were implemented as a transparency measure. While Apple’s throttling is done to ensure smooth operation, some customers were offended that slowdowns occurred without notice.

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