Apple Eclipses the Tablet Market with a market share of 31.7% in Q1 2021

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Apple’s iPad continues to lead the tablet market quarter after quarter. According to an IDC preliminary survey, the company has a 31.7 percent market share in this segment, with Samsung coming in second with just 20.0 percent. The months of January, February, and March are represented in this data.

While much of the world is still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, sales of tablets and Chromebooks remain on fire. Tablets had an outstanding first quarter of 2021 (1Q21) with 55.2% year-over-year growth and shipments totaling 39.9 million units, according to preliminary data from the International Data Corporation

The last time the tablet market expanded so fast was in 2013, when it increased by 56.9% year over year.

“While vaccine rollouts and businesses returning to offices may slow down the work-from-home trend, we are still far from returning to ‘normal’ working conditions and hence the demand for tablets, especially detachable, is expected to continue for a while,” said Anuroopa Nataraj, research analyst with IDC’s Mobility and Consumer Device Trackers.

Apple’s iPad continues to lead the tablet market quarter after quarter. According to an IDC preliminary survey, the company has a 31.7 percent market share in this segment, with Samsung coming in second with just 20.0 percent. The months of January, February, and March are represented in this data.

It’s an increase of 64.3 percent from the previous year. Samsung, Lenovo, Amazon, and Huawei are the companies that follow Apple.

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Apple posted record earnings for the second quarter of 2021, with $89.6 billion in sales. Despite the fact that Apple does not announce unit sales for any of its hardware devices, the iPad grew by 79 percent year over year:

iPhone is valued at $47.94 billion (Up 65 percent )
Mac is worth $9.1 billion (Up 70 percent YOY)
iPad is worth $7.81 billion (up 79 percent YOY)
Wearables, Home, and Accessories: $7.84 billion (Up 24 percent YOY)
Services: $16.9 billion (Up 26 percent YOY)

Tim Cook had this to say about Q2 2021:

“This quarter reflects both the enduring ways our products have helped our users meet this moment in their own lives, as well as the optimism consumers, seem to feel about better days ahead for all of us,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “Apple is in a period of sweeping innovation across our product lineup, and we’re keeping focus on how we can help our teams and the communities where we work emerge from this pandemic into a better world. That certainly begins with products like the all-new iMac and iPad Pro, but it extends to efforts like the 8 gigawatts of new clean energy we’ll help bring onto the grid and our $430 billion investment in the United States over the next 5 years.”

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