Apple CarPlay Could Soon Let You Control AC, Seats, Radio & More

Apple CarPlay
Apple CarPlay

Apple is looking to expand what CarPlay, their in-car interface, can do through some groundbreaking innovations that we have not seen from independent carmakers themselves, let alone a third-party tech giant.

A new report from Bloomberg talks about the brand looking to expand CarPlay into a vehicle’s A/C, radio, seats, and more giving users a lot more control over features of their vehicles through an iPhone-based system they have already been using. These features edit the configuration of the car’s system itself so major co-operation from carmakers will be essential to the completion of this project.

The effort was named “Ironheart” within the brand and this feature will allow Apple to gain more data about the behavior of people in cars and some essential settings they modify frequently. This fresh data will allow Apple to not only improve their existing features but will also assist them in developing new apps for the betterment of people.

This feature also solves a major problem people were having. Consumers were having to switch between CarPlay and their car’s native controls frequently to modify settings but this new feature should resolve this problem if implemented well.

These new features would tie consumers into Apple’s iPhones and their entire “ecosystem” even more, giving them another reason to not switch away from iPhone on their next purchase. After all, iPhones were Apple’s biggest money-makers accounting for over $138 billion the last financial year!

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