Apple’s Upcoming AR Headset Will Provide ‘Mac Level’ Performance Says Ming-chi Kuo

Apple AR Headset

Ming-chi Kuo was the first to spill the beans about Apple’s upcoming AR headset, which is expected to make its debut sometime in the fourth quarter of 2022. Now research notes revealed by Ming-chi Kuo have finally revealed more information about Apple’s upcoming AR headset, which is expected to provide Mac Level Performance.

According to the notes, the Headset is expected to feature two processors, with one being a higher-end chip which is said to provide “the same level of computing power as M1” paired with a second power-efficient lower-end chip which will be used for handling input from at least 6-8 optical sensors that will be used to provide continuous see-through AR video feed to the Headset.

Apart from the two processors, the notes also reveal that the Headset will feature two 4K OLED micro-displays made by Sony.

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As opposed to the previous reports, Kuo also believes that the Headset will operate while being untethered without needing it to be connected to an iPhone or Mac, thanks to its Mac-level computing power.

This will allow Apple to market the VR headset as a standalone device. As Kuo says, “If the AR headset is positioned only as an accessory for the Mac or iPhone, it will not be conducive to the growth of the product. An AR headset that works independently means that it will have its own ecosystem and provide the most complete and flexible user experience.”

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