Apple Accused of Fraud Over MacBook Display Issues

Apple MacBook Air M1
Apple MacBook Air M1

Tech giant Apple is facing a new class-action lawsuit in the United States that accuses it of false or deceptive marketing for the M1-powered MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, fraudulent business practices, misconduct in customer support, and violation of consumer law.

For the last few months, we have been hearing reports from people claiming that the displays of their M1 MacBooks have been entirely blacking out or showing horizontal lines, forcing the user to replace the display. The lawsuit alleges that the displays went bust because of a hardware issue and not user misconduct. The sheer amount of people having the exact same problem adds some legitimacy to this claim.

The lawsuit also shows the bigger picture of Apple’s overall “deceptive marketing” and “fraudulent” business practices. The lawsuit alleges that Apple markets their displays as “premium quality, reliability, and durability,” even though the company allegedly knows it’s the opposite.

The lawsuit further states that Apple allegedly extolls their displays. The lawsuit claims that Apple said “rigorous testing” should have pointed out this display issue happening to a significant amount of people and says that the company released the product nevertheless.

Despite this knowledge, (Apple) failed to disclose and actively concealed the Screen Defect from…the public, and continued to market and advertise the (MacBooks) as state-of-the-art premium and durable laptops when in fact normal operation…often results in catastrophic damage, rendering the devices unusable.

The lawsuit talks about one customer who was charged $480 for the replacement of the display while another was charged $615 for the exact same repair. Some people even complained that displays under warranty were refused to be fixed since the warranty was void by user damage. Furthermore, the lawsuit states that if the original display bundled with the laptop was defective, so will the replacement displays. This is a completely valid point.

We are yet to hear anything from Apple on this issue and it will be interesting to see what happens next, whether Apple claims the displays to be fine or whether they make some fixes.

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