Angry Birds Classic Returns to the App Store and Google Play Store with a new Engine and No in-app Purchases

Rovio is going to launch their classic Angry Birds again on Google Play store and Apple app store read. Read along to know more about it.
angry birds

Rovio, the company behind the Angry Bird game, has announced the return of the original Angry Birds. And this time it is available in Apple App store and Google Play store with a new engine and no in-app purchase. Rovio executive producer Sami Ronkainen in a press release said “While they were rebuilding Angry Birds, they took a great care to preserve the feeling of the original Angry Birds game as their fans will be able to pick out even small differences.”

angry birds

As Rovio has launched a remake of the classic 2012 version of Angry Birds, the game is going back to its roots. It is available on AppStore and Google Play Store. Rovio has released the game without in-app purchases for Rs. 90 for Indians. To enable a smooth performance company has chosen to completely recreate the game on a engine. 

Rovio announced the release of the  Angry Birds on its official website. It is a complete remake of the game. The game is built from the ground up on the Unity engine. The developers have aimed to offer all of the eight original chapters from the game with over 390 levels to preserve the classic 2012 experience. It includes all of the classic characters, Easter eggs and extras. The Mighty Eagle has also been added to the game for free this time.

Rovio removed the original Angry Birds from app and play stores in 2019. For which fans raised the #BringBack2012 campaign across several social media platforms. Seeing the efforts of the fans, Rovio CEO Alex Pelletier-Normand said, “Angry Birds has touched the hearts of millions of users and we had to find a way to bring back Angry Birds.”

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