Android 14’s Dessert-Themed Codename Revealed; However It’s a Bit Anticlimactic

Android 14’s Dessert-Themed Codename Sounds a Bit Odd, But Surely Delicious.
Android 14 Upside Down Cake

It has been only a few months since the developer preview of Android 13 (codenamed Tiramisu) was first unveiled in Q2 of 2022. However, it looks like Google has already started planning for Android 14, which like every other Android version before it, will also be named after a dessert in an alphabetical order, at least internally.

Android 14’s dessert-themed codename as revealed in a code change on Android Open Source Project, will be “Upside Down Cake”. While this sounds a bit anticlimactic and odd for a dessert’s name, it’s the only option, after all not many desserts start with the letter U.

Android 14 Upside Down Cake

For those of you who don’t know, an upside-down cake is actually a thing; a kind of fruit cake that is baked “upside-down” in a single pan, with its toppings (mostly sliced apple and pineapple) placed at the bottom of the pan. When removed from the oven, the finished upside-down preparation is flipped onto a plate, which would definitely be delicious to eat, except for the weird name.

The anticlimactic codename aside, this shows us that Google’s preparation for Android 14 is on schedule as Android 13’s first public beta is expected to be unveiled soon at Google I/O 2022 where we might also get a look at the upcoming Pixel Watch and the Pixel 6a.

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