AMD Introduces SUA, Flexes TressFX Library

AMD Introduces SUA, Flexes TressFX Library
AMD’s new virtual character- SUA.

There’s a new virtual assistant in the town, AMD today introduced SUA and also flexed its TressFX library. The TressFX library is AMD’s hair/fur rendering and simulation technology. It is designed to use the GPU to simulate and render high-quality, realistic hair and fur. AMD’s TressFX goes head to head with Nvidia’s Hairworks.


AMD uses its TressFX library for hair/fur rendering and simulation technology for gaming characters to give a more realistic effect. With the TressFX, you can actually feel a character’s hair fluttering in the wind as each one of thousands of individualized strands of hair constantly changes with the wind speed.

The physics system interprets each strand of hair as a chain with dozens of links, letting forces like gravity, wind, and movement of the head move and curl a character’s hair in a realistic form.

Hairstyles are simulated as a final touch by gradually tugging strands back to their original shape after they have shifted in response to an external stimulus.

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Introducing SUA – Demonstrating AMD TressFX

AMD unveils On Mind Inc‘s Digital Human SUA :

Looks Like Sam Just Found Her Long-Lost Sister: SUA

Just a few days back, Samsung’s Virtual assistant – Samantha, took the internet by storm. Everyone was simping over the character and now SUA seems to be having the same effect over the internet.

Here are few glimpses of the new character:

By looking at these renders, we can clearly say that the company has put in a lot of effort to make SUA a far more realistic character than Samantha is.

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