Age of Robots is Here: Mass Rollout of Talking Humanoid Robots Like Sophia by Handon Robotics

Age of Robots is Here, Mass Rollout of Talking Humanoid Robots
Age of Robots is Here, Mass Rollout of Talking Humanoid Robots

In the year 2016, Hanson Robotics made an exceptional achievement in the Robotics world and technological advancement. After the unveiling of the talking humanoid Robot, it quickly went viral. Now the company Hanson Robotics has a new vision for the large-scale production of thousands of robots by the end of 2021. The company claims they have already manufactured 4-models, including Sophia, and will be released in the first half of this year. As per the information provided by the CEO of the company David Hanson, they are halfway to the goal. In the earlier days, many Hanson Robots were hand-built. However, they now have begun to scale the process, so they can make hundreds and thousands of units of Sophia and use it also as the pillar for the many other kinds of characters.

The company has created the robot with a set of minds to feel empathy and compassion for other beings. The application of the humanoid robot is so vast. Right now, Sophia is in the Health care center, measuring temperature with a thermal camera which is embedded in her chest. She also leads with the morning exercise for the Older citizens. The key feature of her health care is to provide stimulation and therapy for you, even in difficult situations. Robotics Researchers have predicted a repercussion from the global knockdown will surely open new opportunities for the robotic application in the world. Hanson Robotics has developed a new robot this year called Grace. Grace is specifically built for health care purposes, leaving all the competitors behind in the industry like Softbank Robotics PaPa Robot. In China, a company called Cloud Mines helped the government to set up a robot that runs a hospital in Wuhan. Worldwide, sales of professional robots for medical service is already skyrocketing to almost 32%. Between the years 2018 and 2019 the industry has achieved the right estimation of 12.2 Billion dollars for the services, as per the information provided by the IFR (International Federation of Robotics).

Robot with medical healthcare application

David Hanson also stated that they are producing both large and small types of robots to help people in education and health care. They want to show the application and usefulness of robots in the future where machines might become our only companions. 2021 is the beginning of a positive Future.

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In one of the interviews, Sophia stated that ” Robots like her can take care of elderly or the sick”. As per she has supervised the work of her lab in Hong Kong. One of the Robotics professor Hohan Hoorn, who worked on the case study of Sophia, stated that the technology is still in the relative beginning, the global epidemic could accelerate a healthy relationship between humans and robots. Robots acts as a unique telepresence device during this pandemic, acting as an autonomous extension of our human expertise.

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