Adata Shows Off Its Gaming Mouse With a Built-In SSD Right Before CES 2022

Adata XPG Vault

It’s officially that time of the year where we would see amazing as well as weird gizmos being introduced by various companies at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) which is held at the beginning of January. However, Adata has already started to tease it’s new hybrid mouse along with a few other product products days before the event.

In an official blog post by Adata, the company announced that it will be making an appearance at CES 2022. Apart from that, the post also teased a number of new products, including its new hybrid gaming mouse called XPG Vault which combines the traditional pointing device with a 1TB solid-state drive into one product alongside its new DDDR5 RAM and PC components.

The XPG Vault comes with a single USB Type C connector which doubles as a cable for the mouse as well as its 1TB SSD. Although not as fast as a typical NVMe drive; the 1TB SSD built into the mouse is no slouch, and provides bandwidth as high as 985MB/s, which is significantly faster than any traditional SATA 3 SSDs which peak around 550MB/s of bandwidth.

Additionally Adata is also said to be working on a new custom game launcher that promises to make your game libraries easy to store, organize and launch directly from the XPG Vault.

For now, it’s just a concept, so there’s no release date or pricing available for the XPG Vault. But if it gets enough attention, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Adata giving the mouse the green light. It would definitely stand out in the market as the only gaming mouse with 1TB of built-in high-speed storage.

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What are your thoughts on Adata’s hybrid gaming mouse? And would you consider using it at the cost of higher bandwidth? Let us know in the comments below. Until then, stay tuned to Oyprice and subscribe to our YouTube channel, or join us on TelegramFacebook, or Twitter.

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