A New Platform Like Youtube For Game Development: Core

A New Platform Like Youtube For Game Development: Core
A New Platform Like Youtube For Game Development: Core

Core, a website that aims to help developers make games and players enjoy them, is now available in early access for free. It’s only available on the Epic Games Store, and it already has over 20,000 free playable games in a range of genres, such as team-based online shooters, RPGs, and side-scrollers. Manticore Games, Core’s developer, claims that over a million players and creators have used the platform during its alpha era.

The goal of Core is to make it easier for developers to create and monetize games in the same way that YouTube did for online content, while gamers get access to an “endless arcade of high-quality, user-built games and worlds.” The platform’s development tools are based on Epic’s Unreal Engine, and it includes premade assets that users can customize as well as game-building drop-down tools. Custom avatars can be used through several encounters and connected to in-game portals.

Similar to Media Molecule’s Dreams on PS4, Core’s effort to make game production simpler and more approachable. Manticore Games, on the other hand, is attempting to set itself apart by allowing developers to monetize their games via its Perks scheme, which was released last December. Manticore Games says creators have a variety of choices for monetizing their games, ranging from in-game cosmetic purchases to full-fledged monthly subscriptions, and it’s offering a 50 percent revenue share.

Core’s development tools let creators put games together using premade assets. | Source: Manticore Games

Geoff Keighley is hosting the Core Games Showcase today to coincide with the launch, which will feature appearances from some of Core’s biggest games and developers. On Twitch and YouTube, the show begins at 1 p.m. ET.

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