6 Old School Gadgets That Have Become Cooler With Time

5 Old School Gadgets That Have Become Cooler With Time
5 Old School Gadgets That Have Become Cooler With Time

Whenever you sit beside your Father or Grandfather, they start every convo by saying ‘Humare Zamane Mai…’ and goes on and on. Bragging about the golden days they have lived. You used to make a mockery of them by seeing them fixated in the past. Nowadays, kids from your gen feel the same way as they used to. Seeing any old tech or equipment sends you in back nostalgia. They were the thing we saw when we’re little kids and grew up using and watching them.

Our Top Picks of Some Vintage Gadgets:

Nokia 3310

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One of the most trusted and also known as the king of the mobile phone industry. You can also call him the protagonist, just like Sukuna the legendary hero who has ruled the world for decades and is known all over the world in the Edo period. Nokia released its flagship mobile with a solid build in 2003. It only supports GSM and used to run for sixteen days in one go. These models are now not available, But in Columbia, these are still in use. These are the vintage device that changed the overview of mobile phone, though it wasn’t considered military grade. But, if you hit someone with the device he would bleed, but the mobile will not have even a single scratch. The device used to feature Apps like a Built-in flashlight Clock, Alarm, Stopwatch, Calculator, Composer, and screen saver. They used to give us the slickest and unique design back in the days.


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Radio was developed in the early ’90s by an American engineer. It made its debut in India in 1923. It is the largest radio network in the world and broadcasting in multiple languages. Radios are from the era where the only more of entertainment was through singing and dancing or you had to buy gramophone which was too pricky at that time. They were also one of the major sources of communication on a large scale. The world cup that India won in the ’90s majority of our nation heard it on the radio. There was a time when they had only one radio in the village, and everyone used to sit together and listen to them. Some Radio also had a feature in which they inbuilt cassette player in them.

Bioscope Cinema box

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Bioscope Cinema Box is a hand-driven projector with a fascinating build used to attract a lot of attention for the traveler. It was powered with a low-watt bulb and place behind a film, and then rotate the axel in the clockwise direction. As the hand move, the reels start to move, and the person who watches it from a lens gets a wonderful theatre-like experience along with music in the background. After this televisions were introduced in the market, and it took the whole market down. Since it was much better and you can watch new things every day. Nowadays you can see them at some Historic places or museums. Some of them still might be working. If you get a chance, you should watch a movie in them. Though it might be a small movie, it will an experience of a lifetime.

Classic Tv Video Game Console

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Before all these PS, Xbox, PC, and mobiles, Classic Tv Video Game Console was the only mode of gaming equipment for you in the ’90s. Featuring some old school games like Mario, Contra, and so many others. It usually came with 1x Game Console, 2x Game Joysticks,1xCharger, and 1xGun. You had to use a cassette to play any game. One of the fondest memory you might have. Buying this was like a dream of every kid in those days. Contra was the best multiplayer game at that time for its users to a player with someone. Nowadays, gaming has become a major spectator sport, but in old days it was all about having fun. And it was the original originator of the PlayStation. Every game and all derived from it.


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You all must have heard about and also seen it somewhere. If you live in India, then you defiantly have watched the movie “Baghban”. This movie has clocked 18 years in the Indian cinema. In the movie, the machine that Amitab Bachan used to use is a typewriter. The typewriter is still used around some places like a court, writer (Novel writers), and a few more. It is an electromagnetic machine used for typing. Govt. used to use them for official business, then they were made available for the public. It was a typing machine in which you can write all the characters available in the English language. Vintage products you will love to have for yourself.

Waterful Ring Toss

This game was one of the most fun to play games that used to run without any electric pieces of equipment. You just have to press the buttons that send air bubbles in the console, moving the water particles, and land the ring inside the anchor. Sometimes if one ring would be hooked another one will fall off. Usually, you can buy it in the fairs or some renders used to sell them.

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