5 Best Whatsapp Alternatives in 2021 | Why you need to delete Whatsapp now!

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WhatsApp’s new privacy policy

Popular online messaging app WhatsApp has announced that they are going to revise their privacy policy for all their users which will allow them to share the user data with Facebook-owned companies and other third-party apps. Meaning that it will collect and will be able to share information like device battery, IP address, profile pictures, payment and transactions, and much more.

No user will like it if their personal information is being shared with others. So if you are looking for the best alternatives for WhatsApp, here are some apps you can download now:

1. Telegram Messenger

Telegram has been around for quite some time and it is one of the best online messaging apps to use. It is a free, cross-platform, cloud-based software. It was launched back in 2013. It has been known as the best competitor for WhatsApp for a while now. Along with the usual messaging features telegram offers features like supergroups of up to 100,000 people, public channels, usernames, the ability to share files of up to 1.5 GB, passcode lock, self-destructing messages, and end-to-end encryption in secret chat among other things.

Telegram Messenger

There are also Telegram Bots which allow users to play games inside the application as well as bring important information on to go. Unlike WhatsApp, you can use telegram on multiple platforms at once.

2. Signal Private Messenger

Signal is a cross-platform encrypted messaging service developed by the Signal Foundation, the same organization that powers the end-to-end encryption technology in WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger, now offers its very own messaging app named Signal Private Messenger.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal offers a number of security benefits when compared to WhatsApp, it also offers self-destructing messages, screen security (prevents anyone from taking screenshots), and more. Plus, Signal brings encryption to its backups, calls, group calls, and every other data in the app. Even the files that you simply send using Signal are protected. Furthermore, consistent with Apple’s App Store listing, Signal doesn’t link any data to your identity.

It’s an excellent app for anyone who wants to securely converse with other users. That’s why, Signal is quite popular with journalists. Signal Private Messenger is for people that are trying to find an easy and secure messaging app and if you’re trying to find something like that, it’s the simplest WhatsApp alternative for you.

3. Discord

Discord is no longer just a platform for chatting with your fellow gamers. While you’ll explore a spread of Discord servers to interact together with your interests, Discord’s DM functionality is usually overlooked by many. You can use Discord’s personal messages feature to send messages, emojis, emotes (if you have Discord Nitro), GIFs, images, and even documents. Furthermore, you can make voice calls, video calls, or even browse together after sharing your screen.

discord 1024x768 1

Combined with neat integrations from Spotify, Twitch, YouTube, Battle.net, Steam, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Xbox Live, and GitHub, Discord possesses you covered for all of your messaging needs and is arguably better than WhatsApp.

Discord Chat Demo

You can also create group chats on Discord with a complete of 10 members. If you need more capacity, you can always create a server. If you ask me, I’d recommend uninstalling WhatsApp right away and installing Discord. You will find the link to download Discord below and that I can assure you that you simply won’t regret the choice.

4. Bridgefy

One of the main problems with online messaging apps is that they require an active internet connection in order to work. If you are somewhere where there is no internet connection and you want to chat with your friend then this app is best suitable for you. This is where offline messaging service comes to use. This app does not require a mobile network or internet connection to work.


This works by creating a  peer-to-peer Bluetooth mesh network or Wi-Fi Direct-based network on your phone and allow you to send messages to your nearby friends. You can send messages to a friend, broadcast them to an entire group, and even use users as nodes to send messages long distances. It is quite helpful during music festivals, sports events, natural disasters, and other such situations where you won’t be getting reliable mobile service.

5. Kik messenger

If you are someone who likes to chat but doesn’t like to use your number to operate the messaging app, then this app is best for you. Kik Messenger only requires your E-mail Id. Once you check-in for the service using your email ID, Kik will create a singular user name for you which of them you’ll share with other Kik users to talk to.

kik messenger
Kik Messenger

The best part about using Kik is that you are not losing out on any messaging features. You still get access to all or any the important features including text messages, emojis, stickers, Gifs, photo sharing, video sharing, and group chats among other things

With WhatsApp revising it’s privacy policy, these are some of the best apps you can use in 2021.

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