4 new features will be added in FAU-G in future updates

FAU G Indian Game


  • FAU-G game was launched on 26th January 2021 through Google Play Store
  • FAU-G features a single-player Campaign mode for now
  • FAU-G will feature battle royal and multiplayer modes in future

FAU-G game finally went live on google play store for android users as the “Made In India” game was released in India on Republic Day 26th January 2021. As the nCORE Games announced the FAU-G release in India, we at Oyprice installed the game to check out gameplay, graphics, features, and more. The game has a few bugs and glitches which will be patched by developers in the next update. FAU-G features a story mode with Brawler-style gameplay. As for now, there are no weapons, but nCORE Games chairman Vishal Gondal has announced Guns, Battle Royal, and more features that will launch in the near future.

Here are the features that will be launch in future updates:

Battle Royal

Screenshot 20210127 151403

In an interview with IGN India, Gondal stated some FAU-G features that were shown off in the trailer but did not make it on the launch day. FAU-G starts with a campaign mode that allows single-player gameplay only. Gondal has cleared all the FAU-G vs PUBG comparison by clarifying the game is not a PUBG clone. However, FAU-G does not has a Battle royal mode for now.

“The story mode will be the first one. And then we are hoping that over the period of six to eight months intermediately we will be launching more features and updates,” Gondal stated in the interview with IGN India.

Multiplayer Mode

Screenshot 20210127 151350

Multiplayer mode is one of the most exciting upcoming features of FAU-G. Although nCORE Games has confirmed that multiplayer modes are coming to the game, they haven’t mentioned whether they will be enrolling for the Galwan Valley story mode or exclusive to just battle royal mode.

Battle Pass

Screenshot 20210127 151343

Battle pass will be available soon, as it was not featured in the game at the launch. A battle pass is a type of monetization approach from the company that offers users exclusive rewards, skins, and more as they achieve certain tiers.


Screenshot 20210127 151418

As an agreement between India-China regarding no guns in Galwan Valley, FAU-G does not feature guns. However, FAU-G will add guns to the game at some point. Although it will be a completely different map.

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