10 Best CamScanner alternatives Scan to PDF tools

CamScanner alternative
CamScanner alternative

CamScanner is a tool that allows users to scan and covert photos to PDF from smartphones, but the Indian government has banned many Chinese applications which included CamScanner. 

So now, how do you convert/scan photos to PDF?

Well, you don’t need to worry, as we have the 10 best alternative Scan to PDF tools, that will replace CamScanner, and are easy to use.


PhotoScan by Google

PhotoScan is an app developed by Google, PhotoScan not only allows users to scan their daily documents, but it also allows users to digitalize photos and scan them even when a user is in a rush to get a document scanned, users can also save their scanned photos as a digital copy as well.


Microsoft Office Lens
Microsoft Office Lens by Microsoft

The Microsoft office lens is a very handy tool, which can replace CamScanner on your device. As the name says, the application is developed by Microsoft, this application allows users to scan all kinds of document, which can be exported to Word or PowerPoint directly. This application is best for those users, who are already using the Microsoft ecosystem.


AdobeScan by Adobe

AdobeScan is a Scan to PDF tool with an OCR ( Optical Character Recognition), it is the first application that will pop up in your mind when you think of a CamScanner alternative. This application is developed by Adobe and can be considered as one of the friendly and trustworthy option to replace CamScanner. Users can simply download this application from their respected app store, and start scanning their documents right-away, just like CamScanner. This application is available on both iOS and Android platforms.


Google Drive
Google Drive by Google

Yes, you heard it right. Nowadays, most people use or have Google Drive on their phone without even realizing that this application can also scan documents. Well, that may come as a surprise, but Google Drive has a built-in scanner in the application itself. Users just have to tap the ‘+’ button, and they can easily scan their documents.

Google Drive does not have any features like CamScanner, but it offers a simple Scan and Upload feature, which is very useful for someone looking for a simple scanner application, which allows users to scan a document and do some basic edits, like cropping the image.


ScanBot Document Scanner Application

Scanbot is the same as CamScanner in terms of features offered by the application, as the application detects edges and crop them, Multi-page scanning, and OCR ( Optical Characters Recognition). Text recognition also helps uses to search for the document, with the content inside them, which is a very helpful feature. 


TapScanner by Tap-Mobile

TapScanner is another Scan to PDF tool, that features OCR ( Optical Characters Recognition), Multi-page scanning. The application also has a feature, that allows users to scan about three pictures simultaneously to create a finely detailed scanned document, another amazing feature of this application is, that it grants users the ability to digitally signing user’s saved PDFs. This feature makes this application very unique from others, it also features many filters like CamScanner to edit your document just the way you want it.


TurboScan by Piksoft Inc.

TurboScan is a replica of CamScanner, as it features Auto-edge detection, Multiple Scanning, and Sharpening mode, which will create better copies of user’s documents.


TinyScanner by Fireeapps

Tiny Scanner is a lightweight and simple to use Scanner that can scan users receipts and documents. It has the best automatic edge detection and saving the file to users Gallery application than other applications.


Evernote Scannable
Evernote Scannable by Evernote Corporation

Evernote Scanner is another alternative tool to CamScanner, it is very easy to use, it is available on both iOS and Android platforms. If you compare it to CamScanner, Evernote Scanner has very similar features, with a good user experience. Users can also scan a business card or ID proof documents with amazing clarity.



Notebloc offers the same features as CamScanner, it can scan documents in High-quality image, without a watermark, unlike CamScanner, which has a watermark under every image Scanned by it.

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